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The Ultimate Financial Pitch Deck Template

by Wolfgang Ettlich
The Ultimate Financial Pitch Deck Template

Have your partners ever asked you to add “just another text box” to your clean, but maybe a bit empty looking pitch slides? Or did you have to go through multiple presentation templates just to find one that accommodates graphs, or dare we say any text?

Forget those generic, fancy looking presentation templates that only look good with a lot of stock images. Our “Ultimate Financial Pitch Deck Template” was designed to blend content and function of a banking-deck, with the look and style of a well designed marketing pitch. It is the first pitch deck template focused on fact-based pitching: A financial pitch!

The SVS Ultimate Financial Pitch Deck Template - Versions per Layout

Multiple Versions of each Layout

We provide you with multiple versions of each layout so that you have total control of how much and what type of content you want to include:

Bullets, short text, long text, text and bullets, some picture, many pictures or none… You name it!

89 Purpose built Layouts

All our layouts are purpose built. We got specific layouts for every section of a pitch deck: Mission/Vision, Market, Partnerships/Competition, Product Demos, Team and of course our famous Financials section.

The SVS Ultimate Financial Pitch Deck Template - Layouts

The SVS Ultimate Financial Pitch Deck Template - Color Schemes

5 Professional Color Schemes

Add your logo to the slide master and change the template color scheme to match your corporate colors with a few clicks.

Alternatively choose one of our designer-picked color schemes to get you going.

Includes 25 Phone and Computer Mockup Screens

Forget having to find and purchase mockup screens to pitch your app. Our template includes mockups for phone, laptop and desktop wireframes or screengrabs.

Each mockup visual comes with tons of layout variations that allow you to customize how you want to present your software. Again, you can choose between a little text and a lot of text, as well as bullets, titles and icons.

The SVS Ultimate Financial Pitch Deck Template - Mochups

The SVS Ultimate Financial Pitch Deck Template - Vector Maps

Complete Set of 46 Vector Country and Continent Maps

How many presentation templates have you downloaded from any of the template mills just find that you have to supplement them with visuals from other sources.

One such area is a decent collection of maps. They come-in extremely handy for describing market sizes, expansion strategies and competitor locations. Also pretty much every pitch deck outside of the USA and China will need a geographical expansion story even in the early stages.

Our maps are not only more comprehensive than any other template we found (46 different maps!!), but they can be recolored as they are vector based. Want to highlight only one specific state in the US or one country in Asia, our maps offer total flexibility without you having to pay a designer!

What’s Included in the Purchased Template:

  • 89 unique layout designs
  • 25 individual software mockup layouts for phone, laptop and desktop
  • 47 unique vector-based country and continent maps
  • 3 different timeline formats
  • 5 different color schemes
  • Sample pitch deck “EspreSSub” with 85 slides giving you ideas how to use our template for your pitch

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